Ummm, Who Can AFFORD That … Google’s Driverless Car to Cost $150,000???

pygmalion05 —  June 17, 2012 — 4 Comments


Don’t put your orders in yet, true believers … because this sucker ain’t cheap!!!

According to a recent piece by ABC News, Google just disclosed that their super-buzzy driverless car prototype would cost U.S. consumers about $150,000 (an uber-pricey, $70,000 laser radar system is apparently a big part of that).

Ummmm, OK, so I hope that Bill Gates enjoys his driverless car. As for the rests of us …

Organ Transplantation No More?

A recent, rather odd post from claims that the advent of the driverless car will lead to … less organ donors!

The piece maintains that driverless cars driven by robots will naturally lead to less road fatalities — and as a consequence of that, less “solid organ donors.”

Wow, a little creepy there …

The post mentions that the successful promotion of seat belt campaigns, helmet laws and other safety promos have all statistically led to fewer organ donors for U.S. hospitals.

Well … at least it sounds like none of us will be able to afford driverless cars until the year 2136.

So until then, let the good organs roll!

‘Crashless’! But What Will They Be Called …

Robotic, driverless cars will … not … crash!

Yeah, suuuuuure they won’t …

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration associate administrator John Maddox says, “It’s not enough to be as safe as the human driver,” according to a recent article in The Detroit News. “We need to be crashless.”

Maddox was speaking at the MotorCity Casino Hotel (at a casino! haha …) in front of the Driverless Car Summit in Detroit. (Bet cha’ didn’t know that existed, did ya’?)

So … a gi-normous fleet of robot-driven cars will take to U.S. roads and never suffer a single crash? They will be “crashless”?

Sure they won’t.

Maddox went on to say that he didn’t know if we would end up calling them “driverless,” “autonomous,” “automated,” or something else entirely.

Let’s face it … I think it will be many, many years before we have to worry about what to call them.

4 responses to Ummm, Who Can AFFORD That … Google’s Driverless Car to Cost $150,000???


    They are designed to not crash but as most people know, nothing is perfect. They will STILL be MUCH safer and the price will come down. Lidar will be coming down to $250 by 2014.


      It will be interesting to watch unfold, Chris. (We do expect the price would theoretically go down, yes …)


    “Driverless cars will be here in ten years.”
    – 1939 World’s Fair
    I agree that driverless cars may be useful for military applications (they can be helpful in driving on roads with possible IUDs, etc.), but despite the billions of dollars being poured into this effort by government as well as the auto industry and even Google this is a complete pipe dream and a big waste of money for commercial (non-military) applications in my opinion. As usual, the car companies have been sucked into something they shouldn’t be wasting their R&D dollars on – they should be improving the driver interface to existing vehicles to reduce crashes, not pouring money into autonomous vehicles, which will never be more than curiosity items or publicity ventures. Likewise, Google should put its money into hooks in its Android software in its phones that will cause phones to automatically go into driving mode when going faster than 5 MPH (easy to do with current technology), and many more lives will be saved than the number that will be saved with driverless cars (which is zero, because they will never be in widespread use on highways). Oh, except maybe in ten years! 🙂 (and hey there’s a bridge in Brooklyn I will sell you cheap).


      We share your skepticism (as you can probably tell!) — it will be interesting to watch them try to make this a reality on U.S. roads.

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