Driverless Cars … Insane??? Welp, Google’s Got a Trademark

pygmalion05 —  June 26, 2012 — 2 Comments

Lots made of driverless cars lately.

Completely insane?

That’s the theory posited by one recent post from the Nine Shift blog. (To be totally fair, this author is CLEARLY not a fan of the driverless car, by any means.)

The blog offers some of the standard arguments that Google’s theories that driverless cars will lead to zero road deaths are a hunk of, um, malarky. (And, let’s face it, that’s what they are.)

But the post goes even further: “Only the Americans could be so stupid as to propose driverless cars. All part of Google’s ongoing attempt to destroy its own motto, ‘Don’t be evil.'”

‘Google Driverless Car’ Icon Trademark

All driverless car nuts, make sure to check out this recent post from, that talks through how Google has filed to get the trademark on their “Google Driverless Car” icon.

Which one did they choose?

Well, their selection was the one that’s a little bit more … creepy.

The choice is a weird yellow car with two eyes on the front, that’s slightly tilted like it’s damaged or there’s something wrong with it.

What’s going on … ?

The search giant went for their trademark under International Class 12, which covers “electronic system that allows autonomous driving of vehicles.”

Has anyone here seen I, Robot?

Yeah … let’s all get ready for this …

2 responses to Driverless Cars … Insane??? Welp, Google’s Got a Trademark


    Bring it on! After a few years of auto-drive cars we will look back at our driving days and say “wow, can you believe we used to do that?”.

    Driverless cars will broadcast their vital stats to the cars around them. That will further reduce accidents and improve traffic flow. The resistance from entrenched industries will be huge. Sadly, I can imagine the US being years behind other countries in implementing these technologies. Let’s hope that is not the case.

    Bring it on ASAP!


      Haha … we share your interest — it will be extremely interesting to see how this debate unfolds — especially in the U.S. given their particular, erm, hang-ups. Stay tuned to Viper blog — we’ll be debating it more in the coming days!

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