Insane ‪Bus‬ Drifting Dangerously on Purpose

pygmalion05 —  July 9, 2012 — 3 Comments


Get me off of this crazy bus!

Have you ever heard of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift — well here is its crazy, oafish cousin reincarnated as a screwy bus coming to you right out of the heart of the Middle East.

In a viral video post that blew up and received over half a million hits in the last month, a white candy-striped bus screeches and drifts back and forth in front of a gob of traffic and a large crowd of onlookers.

A gang of unruly young folks are clearly have a raucous time from the back to the front of the crazed vehicle.

Yeah, I could definitely do without being a passenger on this bad boy.

Check out the whole video below:

3 responses to Insane ‪Bus‬ Drifting Dangerously on Purpose


    Omg whaaaaaaaat? What the heck was goin on in that thing??? And where is Dedom?


    Jane! Get me off this crazy thing!


    Haha, we think it was kids having fun MM123 — the video comes to us out of the Middle East, but we believe that Dedom is possible the user name of the video’s uploader.

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