Look at That San Fran Slide! Ken Block’s Latest ‘Playground’ a Web Hit

pygmalion05 —  July 16, 2012 — Leave a comment

Whew!!! Well this one is a fun one.

After watching stunt racer (and shoe salesman) Ken Block’s “Gymkhana Five” blow up on the web last week (18M views and counting),we’re definitely left wondering how much it cost to block off this much of the historic streets of San Fransisco.

No more empty stadiums, etc., for this one-man driving circus!

Check out Block’s fancy drifting, tire smoke-blowing trick ride in his Ford Fiesta as he flies through the most famous parts of downtown, weaves in and out of scenic cable cars and takes a couple MASSIVE jumps. There’s even a couple stunts at the end where he circles and messes with a stunt-bike driver — blowing smoke like crazy all over the downtown buildings.

Block’s Fiesta is apparently capable of reaching 60 mph in 1.8 seconds. This exhibition definitely represents the apex of the Gymkhana series, which have helped vault Block into the World Rally Championship and altogether have netted some 135 million views.

Make no mistake, Block definitely has his detractors, but some of these moves are unmistakably sick.

Block’s car definitely throws so much smoke in the air that it’s perhaps most exciting air pollution San Fran has ever seen since Steve McQueen’s “Bullitt.”

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