Which Batmobile Would YOU Chase Catwoman In …?

pygmalion05 —  July 19, 2012 — 8 Comments

To the Batmobile, Robin!!!!

OK, OK — so we had to do this …

As we’re sure almost every single one of you must know, there is a new Batman movie out as of Friday: The Dark Knight Rises. With it, we’ll of course get the return of the Christopher Nolan series’ version of the Batmobile — a rumbling super-tank that crashes through and climbs over everything in its path, whether or not it’s made of 100 percent concrete.

But, let’s face it, this latest Batmobile is also definitely lacking in that one crucial element of … style.

We’ll admit, we here are Viper blog prefer some of the older iterations.

When it comes to our Batman, please — give us a caped crusader (and optional boy wonder) who’s riding in style.

With that, let’s turn back the clock for you for a quick moment. Please join us through this viral video ooze through a massive, indulgent pool of nostalgia.

Check out a hot recent web video below of “The Batmobile Documentary” that captures the different looks, makes and models of the different sweet rides that helped Gotham’s dark knight on his high-speed chase after all of those crazy silver-screen villains.

Puuuuuuurrrrrrr …

Let’s face it, when you look through all of them — which one of these models would get YOU hissing and spitting, if you were Catwoman?

Be honest now ….

Check out the whole video below:

8 responses to Which Batmobile Would YOU Chase Catwoman In …?


    I don’t know… I’m a girl, but not sure if I like the ones with the huge tails out the back. Something coupe-ish.


    awesome MM123 — that’s one of our favorites too ….


    Wasssssssssssssup Viperzzzzzzzzzz… I gotta-gotta say my biggest issue with Batmobilessssssssssss is that none of those has a squishy backseat to get all romantic inn with a woman or a cat…WHAT! Muchos Gracias!!!! I mean you can drive fast and shoot fire out of the backend (beep beep), but ya know what if you want to go parking with your lady or your mom??? Also, I bet those batman batmobiles are all very hard to parallel park??? What What!!!


      Haha, thank you for that lively, colorful comment, G-Man!!! And yes, those batmobiles are indeed very hard to parallel park …


        Wait! What what! Have you ever driven one of those Batmobiles??? Awesome! I wonder if THE BATMANSSSSSSSSSSSSS would ever get flames detailed on the side of his car???
        Also, I like the Batman airplane from the new batman.


    was that an airplane or a cool-looking movie hovercraft? WE couldn’t tell ….


    HOVERPLANE!!! I liked the part where Mr. Batman was like like, Hey honey get in my plane! and she said, I never get into cars or planes with strangers, and Batman got real tough and said, Get in the car woman! and she did!!!
    Classic Batman!!!!



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