STUNNING Crash!!! Meet the Luckiest Dude in Russia

pygmalion05 —  July 23, 2012 — 4 Comments


Wow, check it out — it’s the luckiest dude in Russia.

This remarkably intense video of a violent wreck that spills over into a gas station also captures a spectator and near victim with nerves … of … steal. They say that Ruskies have ice in their veins, and this man certainly proves it.

This dashcam video that captured a terrible wreck went viral, netting well over 2 million views to date.

In it a truck turns suddenly into an oncoming vehicle, the two brake and slam into each other — and both go careening into a gas station.

Enter … the luckiest man in Russia.

The cars explode in a wreck all around the man, who is suddenly captured at center stage in the middle of the shot — and is also miraculously untouched as pieces of the vehicles and broken parts of the gas station fly about him in every direction in a veritable hurricane of destruction.

After the wreck, the man seems largely unfazed.

He sort of just stumbles back and forth, taking it all in. He does seem to touch himself once, as though to make sure he hasn’t been chopped into a million pieces.

We should all be so lucky …

Check out the whole video below:

4 responses to STUNNING Crash!!! Meet the Luckiest Dude in Russia


    OMG what a jackass who turned in – that vehicle with the dashcam was coming waaaaaaaay too fast!! Good thing they turned into the cab of the stupid truck rather than its undoubtedly much stronger dumpster on the back… Whoa.

    How hilarious that this guy was like 5 feet from the actual impact and just walked away. Man, what else has he been through that this was no big deal???


    haha, yes MM123 it was nuts — we can’t believe how casually he just walked away either …



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