On AutoZone Shelves Right Now: 10 Stupid Car Items

pygmalion05 —  July 26, 2012 — Leave a comment

Feeling some room in your day for a little stupid?

Well, our friends over at Digg.com’s offbeat newsbar have definitely cooked up QUITE a doozy.

Let’s face it, the shelves at the vast majority of U.S. retailers are filled with “wtf?” items aplenty — but there are some items even more fun to mock than others.

Strap on your goofy gizmo humor hat and let’s get stupid.

Topping off Digg.com’s list of the stupid car items currently well-stocked on AutoZone’s shelves kicks off with:

1) Spectre’s Blue Convoluted Tubing: Come on dooooooown. That’s right, the perfect key you ol’ dad telling you, “I told you that you didn’t need that.” When you see how much it takes to wrap these babies around those engine parts — they’re just going to be sitting there like blue Snuffleupagus poop.

2) The Ford Racing Office Chair: Wooooooooow … talk about a stinker! This is a product that just screams “nerd alert!” Yes, that’s right — pretending to be a race car driver, at a $250 price tag. Yup that’s a stupid item, and a waste of a lot of money — you big nerd.

3) Ed Hardy Products: Wow, oh yes, this is another big fat stinker. Someone back in middle school may have convinced you that this tattoo-looking internal car art was super cool, but they sent you down the wrong road, man. To quote the Digg.com piece, if you sport this swag in your car you may as well start “waving the douche flag for everybody to see.”

4) Plasticolor Winnie the Pooh and Piglet Visor Organizer: Yeah, this is a funny one no matter how you slice it (pardon the pun). Just for the record, we here at Viper at major Winnie the Pooh fans. But wow, are you trying to do a manly install or some grease-monkey work on the ol’ car with one of these lying around? Yeah, that’s just not going to happen.

5) Foot Rest: Seriously? Are we THIS lazy? Let’s face it, if you need to prop those feetsies up on a foot rest — then it’s really just time to stop driving right now.

Check out the full list from Digg.com.

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