The Tin Man’s Car: Check Out This Super-Chrome Camaro SS

pygmalion05 —  August 9, 2012 — 2 Comments

Warning: Content is shiny.

You may want to put your sunglasses on before you feast your eyes on THIS reflective chrome Camaro SS. Taking on a mirror-like façade, the driver of this vehicle will no longer have to beat the heat with a reflective window cover placed in their window.

Sporting a look similar to that of a car you would see in a Transformers movie, this Camaro is wrapped in painted vinyl that gives it that aluminum look.

Clearly a new standard of being flashy has been set for Camaro owners around the world, that standard or matte finish just won’t cut it anymore!

You could just picture Dorothy’s tin man driving this car — he’d be a perfect fit.

This hot viral video on YouTube blew up, and has already netted almost half a million hits.

Check out the hot, high-definition video of the walk-around here:

2 responses to The Tin Man’s Car: Check Out This Super-Chrome Camaro SS


    wow a super shiny car! It’s a great looking car. I wonder parts for cars like this (shiny) are of good performance as its shiny look was the only one discussed here. Will it always look brand new? How can it shiny interior be preserved as it ages?


    That kind of upkeep takes a lot, kerstin, clever link, how on earth do you keep cars such as this shiny and new indeed …

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