So Dreamy! $100,000-Plus Dream Cars, From the Editors at Edmunds’ Inside Line

pygmalion05 —  August 17, 2012 — 3 Comments

The Ferrari P45
Credit: Wikipedia

What dream car would you buy if you won the lottery?

The editors at Edmunds’ Inside Line had a little fun fantasizing about what they would get for $100,000-plus. We like Executive Editor Michael Jordan’s answer best: A Ford Focus ST! But that’s because we could afford one.

See how he justifies his answer in detail. (But smart-alecky answers aside; we’d probably go with a Ferrari. Of course!)

The Aston Martin seems to be at the top of the contributors’ lists — clearly because they all have the fantasy of being James Bond — like contributor James Riswick said after giving a list of “I’d love to say’s” he ends with: “I’d love to say all that, and it’d be true, but really it’s because I’m a giant James Bond nerd.” … I’m sure the V12 engine in some of the models doesn’t hurt either.

Ron Montoya really wanted to splurge, choosing the 2012 Tesla Model S that clocks in at $103,050 ($3,050 over budget!) Montoya said he could soften his breaking of the budget with a federal tax rebate of $7,500 after purchasing the car.

Check out the article on Insideline, and get jealous over all of the over-the-top luxury cars — I’m sure many of you will be saving your nickels and dimes for one these beauties.

3 responses to So Dreamy! $100,000-Plus Dream Cars, From the Editors at Edmunds’ Inside Line


    I’d get the Ford that James Bond was driving in Casino Royale… It’s the UK Ford Mondeo, which is actually the Fusion in the U.S. I thought that car was beautiful. No less than V6, ever. I used to drive a V8, and it felt almost too powerful and heavy. Then again, I love my Infiniti so much, I may just choose the same make and model I have now just the latest year if I like it! I don’t like sports cars and feeling too low to the ground. Although, F it, I’ll take an Aston Martin!!! I’d be so scared it’d get stolen though, and there are only a limited number of them made each year… It’d definitely be fitted with a Viper and the SmartStart for GPS and remote lock, that’s for sure!


    Maybe I’ll get them all!! It’d definitely have to be the UK body on the Mondeo, I’ve never seen a Fusion look that good. I also fell in love with my Holden Astra in Australia, I’ll get one of those as well! Fitted for U.S. side driving, of course.

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