Conquest Unveils the Evade: Gigantic … Unarmored SUV

pygmalion05 —  August 20, 2012 — 2 Comments

If you don’t need an armored vehicle but would like one that looks as though it could blunt bullets then look no further than Conquest Vehicle’s Evade, which is based on a Ford F-550 but with one hell of a shell. The interior has a lot to offer also. And it’s only half a mil.

A car we are certain 50 Cent would be caught driving, this massive vehicle is beefed up with stainless steel running boards, hinges and even a steering wheel, and you can ensure no one will be on your tail ever again, in fear that if they hit you, their car will be toast.

Now the outside may be fit for a gangster like 50, but the inside is luxurious enough for a diva like Fergie. With 2-by-2 seating, seats that can be set to face each other, and a partition between the rear of the car and the front cabinet — you can be chauffeured around like a movie star.

If you ever see one of these bad boys cruising on by, we suggest you duck and cover because trouble probably isn’t far!

Check out hot video of the Evade here:

Also check out the full details on this beast of a car from Car and Driver below:

Conquest Vehicles Reveals the Evade, Its New, Gigantic Unarmored SUV

2 responses to Conquest Unveils the Evade: Gigantic … Unarmored SUV


    Holy mamma mia! That thing is a battering ram!


    yes! Very cool, right? She’s a beautiful creature too …

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