The Next Breed? Remaking the Ford Mustang …

pygmalion05 —  August 28, 2012 — Leave a comment

The Boss 302 Mustang during a recent Viper validation testing (NOT the new 2013 Ford Mustang).

It’s no wonder rumors are buzzing about the remodeling of the Ford Mustang. This pony car has maintained the same design for about eight years! Anyone could recognize a Mustang from a mile away, and we mean it when we say anyone! We suppose that the “traditional Mustang” got too mainstream, it’s time to mix things up!

Before we spoil the plans for the new Mustang’s exterior, let’s take a look at what’s under the hood because anything that will look THAT elaborate has to be able to reclaim the ol’ Mustang glory for all it’s worth!

So let’s play, “What’s under that hood!?” It’s pretty simple!

“A smaller-displacement, high-output V6 (code-named Nano),” which should result in improved overall efficiency, according to “The V6 (Nano) rated at 305 hp to the eye-popping 662-hp supercharged V8 Shelby GT500, capable of eclipsing 200 mph.” 200 mph is pretty much near Batmobile status! Pretty legitimate.

As you can see, Ford is really stepping up their game with this new Mustang! Start rediscovering every penny you ever saved for a rainy day, because the storms are rolling in and so is the new 2013 Ford Mustang!

The new Mustang’s exterior portrays a few designs inspired by the Evos to give the car a more new, modern feel. Something that the retro Mustang isn’t used to. Why not give modern a try?

Take a further look at the new Mustang with this article from

Remaking the Ford Mustang: Next breed of pony car charts a fresh course

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