Mobile Tech’s Future: Not in Your Phone, But in Your Car?

pygmalion05 —  September 4, 2012 — Leave a comment

The car is the biggest gadget we own. And if it does truly turn into the former, then we may be buying new ones as often as we do computers!

Major chip manufacturers are boosting the brains in cars, making them think faster than they can move. Soon there will be very little your car can’t do that your favorite handheld does.

Is it possible for people to be as crazy about their cars as they are about their phones? Today, people have an intimate attachment to their phones that is hard to shake. It doesn’t even seem possible to sit down at dinner, or even sit down in a class, without texting, Instagramming, tweeting, etc.

Let’s face it, that glow on our faces as we stare down at our smartphones is all too familiar. Most people can’t even SLEEP without their phone right by their sides.

However, we’re also safe to dream about the bright future of the digital, cloud-connected car. Picture it: Keep all your passengers or kids safe and quiet in the back while they kick back and watch the latest movies on Netflix. Just think, they can enjoy themselves singing along to Veggietales as you discover the newest DIY project on Pinterest. It could be a road-trippers dream!

When you think about it, it does indeed start to sound as though the car can become the future of all mobile technology. Especially with companies such as Texas Instruments and Nvidia collaborating to make this revolutionary change.

Google is even working on the project to bring about the robotic, driverless car. It seems like there is more exciting news in store for the automotive industry than at any time in its history — the only real question is which way does this digital monster go from here?

For more on this topic, check out this article from Gigaom here:

Mobile Tech’s Future Isn’t in the Phone, It’s in the Car

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