‘Oh My God!’ Howard Stern and Co. Roast Gary Baba Booey Over Nerdist Show

pygmalion05 —  September 27, 2012 — Leave a comment

Howard Stern, Robin Quivers and the rest of the cast treated the audience to a classic Baba Booey roasting on Wednesday after editing together some audio of the Stern Show producer’s new web series “They Call Me Baba Booey” featured on the Nerdist Channel.

Howard likened Gary Dell’Abate’s on-air delivery to someone reading from a math textbook aloud. Shuli Egar said the show name should be changed to “They Call Me Horrible.”

For any of you who missed it, the Viper SmartStart got a great shout out from Baba Booey in a segment where he ran down all of the app’s features and said that Viper “took a product he has used for year, but vastly improved it.”

Although it was a great review from Baba Booey, Stern and company teased him about the web show on Monday — and then completely roasted him about his appearance on Wednesday.

“When Gary talks he’s kind of interesting, when he reads, he’s HORRIBLE!!!!!” Stern joked. “When he’s reading off of the teleprompter, I guess he’s trying to look like he’s NOT reading off of the telepromter — so he lifts his chin and points it up to the sky so you’re looking up his nose and at his neck — and it’s like, ‘Gary, look into the f—– monitor, look into the TV camera.'”

Baba Booey was quick to defend himself, saying “I tried to do it the other way, and it was a little ‘um, um, um …'”

“Did you get to the second part?” Gary asked Stern (the second part is where Baby Booey pitches the Viper SmartStart.)

Stern said that they should now call Gary “Baba Boring.” “I was like, ooooh … oh my god!” he said.

The crew played clips from several different segments from the Nerdist and went around the room teasing him for being stiff and mimicking his delivery.

“The other day, uh, first of all, I would like to give a review about Sonos,” Stern said. “It’s like I’m at school, and he’s reading to me.”

“You’re talking to people!” Robin joked.

At times, Gary started getting a little heated and pushing back at his colleagues: “guys, don’t pretend that you don’t know what this stuff is when you do!”

“Do they pay you for this?” Stern asked him.

“They do, they actually pay me really well,” Baba Booey said. “It’s a great company.”

“Sonos also has, excuse me, turn the page,” Stern joked, “a very good interface …”

“The show is horrible, but it can only get better after I helped Gary today,” he added, laughing.

“You know what Howard, you’re too good to me,” Gary laughed.

If you haven’t seen our shout out on The Nerdist check out the video below. To check out Wednesday’s segment on The Howard Stern show, head over to www.siriusxm.com (or, to tweet Sirius XM radio to ask them to let us post the audio to the Viper blog, tweet them here: @SIRIUSXM. Let’s get that audio posted! Tweet the Stern show here: @sternshow; tweet Howard here: @SternSiriusXM; or tweet Baba Booey supportive thoughts at: @robertAbooey).

Check out Baba Booey’s Nerdist clip here (keep in mind, link will jump to the latest show, to see his Viper SmartStart plug just jump back to episode 2):

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