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Do we really need cars expressly designed for women?

After all, isn’t that why we have certain makes and models that only females seem to buy? You know who you are!

But Honda thinks it’s a good enough of an idea to launch the Honda Fit She’s in Japan. It features a “Plasmacluster” climate control system to supposedly improve your skin quality and it has UV-blocking window glass to protect against those harmful, age-accelerating rays.

Uh yeah, we don’t know about that, but hey, we’re all for anything that helps our ladies looking beautiful.

Check out more full coverage and some video on “The Car Made Just for Women” from the Today show here:

Honda Introduces Car Designed Just for Women

If that’s too much estrogen for you, then follow the story of Honda’s newest compact sports car, designed to compete against Subaru’s BRZ and Scion’s FR-S, here:

Honda Confirms Production of New-Generation Beat

The Audi R8 demo car.

If you’re an aftermarket guy and you get an Audi R8, what would be the most important mod you make?

Sure, you might want some really high-end wheels, maybe customize the interior with extra carbon fiber parts and some gadgets, etc. But that shouldn’t be first on your priority list. Number one is protection!

As in a Viper 5204V with the DBALL interface plus DSM250 SmartStart module for your phone. Because when you have a six-figure vehicle that’s sexier than your wife, you want to ward off covetous thieves.

On display at the Top Gear Live show in the UK, the R8 distinguished itself from the crowd, even with its lowered stance of about 30mm, thanks to KW coilovers. Custom-made Rotiform SNA 3-piece wheels (9″x20″ front and a whopping 12″x20″ rear) really set off the R8 and custom carbon-fiber mirrors give it an added slick touch.

On the one hand, show attendees could watch the Top Gear Stunt Team for daredevil acts — they set a record with a 720-degree, double loop-the-loop on a motorcycle — while on the other they could observe the serene beauty of the R8 equipped with SmartStart technology. What better way to bring driver and his beloved ride closer together than with a real two-way electronic connection?

To see the motorcycle stunt, click here.

The prototype of the screen made by JDI.
Credit: Japan Display.

Japan Display is showing off prototypes that display how your car or tablet of the future could be equipped with an unprecedented super-screen that’s head-and-shoulders above any product on the market today.

Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi have been working on some next-gen LCD technology that you may soon see on your tablet or in your car.

The prototype 12.2-inch automotive touchscreen offers 1920×720-pixel resolution and utilizes true black technology for better contrast, plus an impressive 50 percent lower power consumption, compared to existing displays. The 7-inch screen has 2560×1600-pixel resolution.

With 431ppi it surpasses the iPad 3’s 264ppi (Kindle Fire HD has 254ppi). Perhaps even more attractive is their tablet screen is only 0.05 inches thin — and like the vehicle display counterpart it also lowers power consumption by half.

After checking out the Japan Display prototypes, you might think the future of next-gen LCD technology looks brighter than ever!

While many vehicles currently on the market — including cars from Dodge, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Jaguar, and others — sport similar screens on the vehicles’ instrument cluster, none of them can really compare to these babies!

Read full coverage on the super-screens from CNET below:

Now Showing: The Future of Tablet and Car Displays

The Aston Martin DB5.
Credit: Wikipedia.

With the new Daniel Craig James Bond movie, Skyfall, about to hit theaters it’s that time again to argue over the best Bond cars of all time!

And once again it’s the Aston Martin DB5.

For us, it’s always the DB5. After all these years, it’s STILL the DB5.

Which makes us wonder why the movie franchise’s producers haven’t been able to create a better and more tricked-out Bond vehicle after five decades.

Seriously, what’s up with that?

We’ve had the Pierce Brosnan iteration of James Bond windsurf down a giant iceberg as it’s being melted by a giant laser — can the move minds really not think up an idea to top the DB5?

Maybe they should consider a custom car. We could think of a few ….

Check out a full photo gallery of the best Bond-mobiles from Edmunds’ InsideLine blog here: 10 Best James Bond Cars

Hey Viper fans, we hope you didn’t miss out on the Viper SmartStart shout-out from “They Call Me Baba Booey” with Gary Dell’Abate (via his web show on the Nerdist).

This was one of the best product demos for the Viper SmartStart that we’ve seen in awhile.

For those of you who DID miss out on Baba Booey’s review, here’s a little synopsis to help get you caught up.

Dell’Abate first emphasizes how cold New York can get in the winter and how he leaves for work at the Howard Stern show in Manhattan at 4:30 am. He says the numbers are often in the single digits when he leaves his house during the winter months.

Baba Booey asks his viewers to “imagine” what it would be like to start their car from their house on “a brutally cold day” and have it all heated up and defrosted by the time they got in the car.

Even better, Gary says that drivers can start their car from their smartphone — Viper already makes a mobile app that does just that and they’ve “improved it dramatically.”

Baba Booey does a great job running down the app’s features.

A snapshot:

SmartSchedule: “Enter in your schedule and have your car ping you at certain temperatures to tell you to warm it up.”

Auxiliary Channel Buttons: “Lets users interact remotely with any part of their car: Roll down your windows, blast the radio — anything you can imagine!”

Teen-Tracking Features of the SmartStart GPS: “My son is a teenage driver. I have an alert set that will text me every time he goes over 70 mph. If I wanted to, I could set a zone called a SmartFence so that I’m alerted every time he [my son] leaves the zone.”

“You can also set an alert that lets the user know if the vehicle has reached a certain destination. Why? In the words of the creator who demonstrated this at CES, ‘So you can get an alert if your daughter goes to see her dirtbag boyfriend you told her not to go see anymore.” [Make sure to check out that full speech from CES 2012.]

Getting a little Orwellian, aren’t we? Oh well, the age of spying on your kids and making them miserable is here!

Dell’Abate names more of his favorite features (just a snapshot, watch the full video for all of them):

SmartPark: “Notes a vehicle’s location every time you press the door lock button.”

Viper Motor Club: “Locked out? Dead battery? Need a tow? It’s a lot like AAA, but Viper Motor Club is included with all SmartStart Secure plans.”

He ends by saying: “I love when a company takes something I’ve used for years and vastly improves it, and Viper has done just that.”

Thanks Baba Booey for your shout-out and kind words, we’re proud to have you plugged in and living the Viper SmartStart lifestyle!

(Keep warm this winter, it’s supposed to be a doozy!)

Check out Baba Booey’s Nerdist clip here — or check it out below (keep in mind, the link below will jump to the latest show, to see his Viper SmartStart plug just jump back to episode 3. Because of that little annoyance, it could be best to click here and jump to the Baba Booey tab on the Nerdist’s YouTube channel.):