It’s a Smaaaaaaaall Wonder: Small Car Sales May Grab Biggest U.S. Share Since ’93

pygmalion05 —  October 8, 2012 — 2 Comments

The Chevy Aveo, or Sonic.
Credit: Wikipedia.

For you dealers: You want to know what kind of cars you’re likely to work on in the future?

It’ll probably be a subcompact or compact.

Now you may say that owners of those types of vehicles wouldn’t want to spend the extra money on aftermarket gear because they bought smaller cars in order to save their loot in the first place! An analyst at says that’s no longer the case.

Take a look at the Cruze, Sonic, the Fiat 500, the new Dart, along with the already established models in the category. What you see aren’t necessarily only economy cars. They could easily be seen as stylistic choices, if you will.

Laugh if you want … but major hallmark brands like Honda, Chevrolet and Toyota are cashing in on small cars — which, according to, are helping push the biggest sales month in four years and are also capturing the biggest segment of the U.S. auto market since 1993.

(Let’s face it, soaring prices at the pump haven’t helped this trend, either.)

The U.S. automakers aren’t slacking, although Honda and Toyota still lead the small-sized pack. was quick to point out that Chrysler’s Fiat set a second straight monthly record, Ford rolled out more small cars than any other September in a decade, and GM’s Chevy last month won the subcompact segment with the Sonic and the compact with the Cruze.

Read more about the “Small Wonder” car trend from below:

Small Car Sales May Capture Largest U.S. Share Since 1993

2 responses to It’s a Smaaaaaaaall Wonder: Small Car Sales May Grab Biggest U.S. Share Since ’93


    I’ve never heard of the Sonic or the Dart. I’ve heard of the Cruze but I think I am confusing it with the Chevy Volt. I had no idea Chrysler owned Fiat. Isn’t Fiat Italian? It’s definitely a style choice – people probably put Vipers on their Minis too. Personally I’ll never own a small car – too many warnings from my dad growing up about being screwed if you’re in an accident in one of those. I’m a sedan girl. Oh and I totally used to watch the show “Small Wonder.”


    Awesome!!!! We’re Small Wonder fans over here at Viper too, MM123!!!!

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