Christmas Miracle!!! High Consumer Confidence in Tech Could Mean Upbeat Holiday Buying Season

pygmalion05 —  October 10, 2012 — 2 Comments

Some positive news for dealers: This may be a sign that the U.S. economy is turning around at last.

According to the Consumer Electronics Association, confidence for spending on technology is at the highest that it’s been in half a decade.

The business manager for mobile at Sony thinks this could carry over into the car audio segment as the demand for in-car smartphone connectivity continues to grow. MESA, the Mobile Electronics Specialists of America expects a much-improved 4th quarter. Their members have had a better year with nearly half showing a 10 percent increase in business.


Just in time for the holiday buying season. (And it’s expected to get coooooooold up in the Northeast and the northern Midwest, in case you haven’t seen, it started snowing in Michigan already last Friday.)

Along with the uptick in consumer confidence for spending on technology, confidence IN technology also rose almost 5 points.

“This month’s measure of sentiment is at levels typically only seen during the height of the holiday buying season, an indication that consumers are likely to buy and spend more on tech in the weeks ahead,” said Shawn DuBravac, CEA’s Chief Economist and Senior Director of Research.  “There were several key high-tech product announcements this month which served as an important catalyst for tech buying heading into the fourth quarter and the holiday shopping season.”

Read full coverage on the consumer confidence explosion from CE Outlook below:

Even for Car Audio, High Consumer Confidence Could Mean Upbeat Christmas

2 responses to Christmas Miracle!!! High Consumer Confidence in Tech Could Mean Upbeat Holiday Buying Season


    Nice! That’s huge. It’s all about perception, ya know.


    We hope so, get ready to buy your remote start as that snow comes tumbling down!!!

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