So, What Are the Odds …? The 11 Best New Cars in America

pygmalion05 —  October 11, 2012 — Leave a comment

The 2013 Ford Fusion.

So … what are the Vegas odds on this deal?

The North American Car and Truck of the Year organization recently announced the finalists for its car and truck awards.

CNN Money goes through the list providing the odds of winning for each vehicle. Our bet is that a U.S. model will take the prize this year.

Although some sentimentalists may favor the new Accord — especially since it has never won this title. The MKZ is a stunner but a longshot at 25 to 1.

However, that’s still better than the Malibu — which apparently has “none.” Ouch!

The eventual winners will be rolled out at the Detroit auto show in January.

There has always been an international outlook (Range Rover, Volkswagen both won in 2012) — but the voting usually favors U.S. autos. (Detroit’s won 10 trophies and the Asian automakers just four.) The list of finalists is pretty diverse this year — five Japanese cars, one European and five U.S. autos rounding it out.

Funny enough, the longtime best-selling car in the U.S., the Toyota Camry, has NEVER won and was a finalist just one time. Whoops!

Read more about the car and truck awards from CNN Money below here:

The 11 Best New Cars in America

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