Car Thieves Across the Country Stealing SUV Seats

pygmalion05 —  October 22, 2012 — 4 Comments

The Range Rover, a luxury SUV.
Credit: Wikipedia.

Don’t think your SUV is less of a target because you’ve removed loose valuables from the interior.

Some thieves aren’t looking for your electronics devices or your briefcase or what have you. No, they want your third row seat!

ABC News is reporting that “third seat theft” is on the rise in Texas and California.

That’s right, crooks are taking the seats and selling them for as much as $1,000. That’s a lot of loot especially for something that can be stolen so easily.

Police recommend you engrave your vehicle’s VIN number on the seat structure or using a bike lock to make it more difficult to unhinge. But frankly the latter will not slow them down much.

And they omit the most obvious solution: a superior car alarm!

Watch the video and see how quickly the robbers are able to access the truck through the back. In less than a minute they’ve accomplished their task while drawing no attention to themselves.

In our opinion, the time to thwart a thief is before they gain entry into your ride. Being able to recover the seats is all well and good, but we’d rather not have to go through that hassle.

Considering how much it costs to replace the third row at the dealership, a wise investment in protecting your vehicle is a must.

4 responses to Car Thieves Across the Country Stealing SUV Seats


    What for? Their backyards? I don’t get stealing seats. I know they’re valuable but seriously. Darn that stinks because while you can get a tracking number etched on your windows, you can’t exactly do that for your seats – maybe install GPS trackers within them! haha


    They’re valuable to re-sell, MM123!!!!


    Content theft is a huge issue, last I heard its like $1B + in US alone and some international markets just crazy.. it the stuff you hear about from your friends who had friends ripped off. The bummer is they do damage… it not just the stuff they are taking. Any pre-entry protection / detection helps.. try and keep them on the outside. Tracking the seats humm.. maybe with some form of RFID – but that may only help if law enforcement scans chop shops.. All the major parts have the vehicle VIN etched in to deter theft but again its supply and demand… some thieves target certain vehicles for parts to resell..


      You got it right, moondawgster! The primary concerns of today’s drivers are:
      1) Content Theft/Protection
      2) Convenience
      3) Peace of Mind

      … all of which can be had with just one Viper alarm system ….

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