Behold the Super-Screen: The Future of Tablet and Car Displays

pygmalion05 —  October 29, 2012 — Leave a comment

The prototype of the screen made by JDI.
Credit: Japan Display.

Japan Display is showing off prototypes that display how your car or tablet of the future could be equipped with an unprecedented super-screen that’s head-and-shoulders above any product on the market today.

Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi have been working on some next-gen LCD technology that you may soon see on your tablet or in your car.

The prototype 12.2-inch automotive touchscreen offers 1920×720-pixel resolution and utilizes true black technology for better contrast, plus an impressive 50 percent lower power consumption, compared to existing displays. The 7-inch screen has 2560×1600-pixel resolution.

With 431ppi it surpasses the iPad 3’s 264ppi (Kindle Fire HD has 254ppi). Perhaps even more attractive is their tablet screen is only 0.05 inches thin — and like the vehicle display counterpart it also lowers power consumption by half.

After checking out the Japan Display prototypes, you might think the future of next-gen LCD technology looks brighter than ever!

While many vehicles currently on the market — including cars from Dodge, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Jaguar, and others — sport similar screens on the vehicles’ instrument cluster, none of them can really compare to these babies!

Read full coverage on the super-screens from CNET below:

Now Showing: The Future of Tablet and Car Displays

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