Straight Out of TRON: Check Out the Smart Highway

pygmalion05 —  November 19, 2012 — Leave a comment

Credit: Heijmans Infrastructure

Where you’re going, who needs those old roads????!??

Have you ever heard of the “smart” highway? Well, buckle up.

If designers and engineers want to turn our roads into something from video games, we have no problem with that!

Daan Roosegaarde from the Netherlands wants to make our highways smarter, if you will. (Well smarter or crazier in a TRON sort of way — we’ll definitely let you be the judge.)

Look for features like Dynamic Paint, glow-in-the-dark road markers and charge while you drive for electric vehicles in the near and not so near future.

While some of this is sort of sci-fi, and perhaps a little gimmicky, if executed properly, it could improve highway safety and overall efficiency for travel by car.

Read full coverage on the sci-fi shift for highway safety from CNET below here:

Take a Drive Down the ‘Route 66 of the Future’

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