Viper SmartStart to the Rescue! Warming Up Cars Gets You Fined for ‘Puffing’ in Colorado

pygmalion05 —  February 5, 2013 — 3 Comments

2012-07-24 16.00.58A little while ago we reported about an ordinance in Wisconsin prohibiting car owners from leaving their vehicles unattended and idling on city streets.

Not surprisingly in Colorado they also have laws against “puffing,” a term popularized by thieves who scour neighborhoods on cold mornings looking for easy targets as indicated by the exhaust emanating from the tailpipe.

In 2011 there were 9,300 car thefts in Colorado that totaled $57 million in losses. Clearly stopping the easiest thefts is a priority in the state.

All citizens have to do is stay with their cars. Unless they want to risk a $100 fine.

Or of course they can get remote start systems which then make puffing legal.

That’s because you can’t simply drive off with a car that’s been started remotely and which has no key in the ignition.

There you go, no ticket and your car is safe. (They can also look up remote start from their phone.)

Why anyone would risk committing the violation or losing their automobile is beyond us!

Check out more on this puffy story from here.

3 responses to Viper SmartStart to the Rescue! Warming Up Cars Gets You Fined for ‘Puffing’ in Colorado


    If it’s illegal, it’s illegal! Remote start does NOT make it legal to the cop righting you the ticket. He has NO way of knowing rather you remote started or had started it from inside.


      It is illegal to leave your car running, unattended, with the keys in the ignition. With a remote start system your keys aren’t in the ignition. The cop WRITING the ticket would just have to look through the window to see there are no keys. RIGHTING the ticket is what the owner would do in court if cited for this.


    Hi David, watch the video embedded in the piece, they say that it is legal and there is no fine if you started your car using a remote start system:

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