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Is the Sunshine State ready to meet George Jetson?

Some critics are calling “driverless cars” just a Jules Verne or “Jetsons”-like futuristic dream fantasy, but others are lauding the potential development as the biggest in automotive technology since the horse and buggy days.

“We may be at a historic cusp where driverless cars share the road,” editor Carroll Lachnit told The Sacramento Bee. “The (technological) pieces are all there.”

The paper says California may be positioning itself to be a leader in self-driven cars, with MIT-trained state Sen. Alex Padilla, D-Los Angeles, introducing a bill that would make it legal for driverless cars to use public roads. The bill says (for now) that a licensed human driver would have to be in the driver’s seat — and able to take the wheel at any time.

Nevada passed similar legislation last year.

Send in the Lawyers!

The real roadblocks on this crazy, driverless adventure are (of course!) legal ones.

Discovery News asked: “Who will pay if an autonomous vehicle causes a wreck — the human occupant or the company that built the software? And what about a future of driverless coupled with ‘drivered’ cars?”

You can quickly imagine the problems.

Many legal pundits and bloggers and crying out, “Dude, where’s your sanity?” and calling any thoughts of developments on the driverless front pure “fantasy.”

Plaintiff’s firm blog writes, ” just because the human imagination can conceive of new vehicles in which to travel doesn’t mean a particular vehicle can be created in practice. Or, as in the case of Google’s so-called driverless car, that it can be created to run safely anytime soon without causing too many car accidents.”

Maybe it’s just that no one knows who’s driving this bus …

Screech, screech, screech!!!

Wake up, Staten Island!

Oh … those wacky pranksters. In the greatest symphony that nobody ever wanted, notorious attention-grabbing spoof troupe “Improv Everywhere” set off 100 car alarms at once in Staten Island, N.Y.

The car alarms were all flipped on at the same time using the hidden punkers’ keyless remotes. Aaaaand … things got extremely loud very fast!

Were the folks at Improv Everywhere aware that the prank would come off as extremely annoying to most of the everyday people in their immediate vicinity?


“Obviously car horns are not a pleasant thing, but we hoped that the sheer volume and absurdity of it all would make it a unique experience for the people who witnessed it,” the pranksters later put up on their website. “Some enjoyed it more than others, and there were quite a few laughs.”

Check out all of the hilarity below!

(For serious Viper fans, be sure to check out the Sidewinder car alarm as part of the mix. Can you spot it?)