Maserati_QuattroporteThis should give every wealthy (and ignorant) car enthusiast pause.

Those expensive cars they’re buying depreciate faster than their stock portfolios during a crash.

On the other hand, it’s nice of them to pay manufacturers full price, hardly use the vehicles for a year or so and then sell to less monied rich people looking for a bargain. Although do you want the beautiful yet flawed Maserati Quattroporte at any price?

What about the Phaeton, Audi A8 or the mighty Maybach now being sold at the ridiculous discount price of $100,000???

These are perhaps mistakes no one should repeat.

Still, it would be cool to pull into the driveway of your $180,000 townhouse in a ride that had an original higher list price.

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2012-07-24 16.00.48Waaahhhh!!! Waaahhhh!!!!

Who would’ve thought one of the most effective ways to stop a car thief is having an 8-month old toddler in the backseat.

The imbecile who tried to take off in the vehicle apparently had no clue that there was an infant back there.

When he discovered he had not only stolen the ride but inadvertently kidnapped the child as well, he abandoned it and the baby, and called the police to let them know where they were.

Of course if the parents hadn’t left them unattended with the engine running this never would’ve happened!

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2012-07-24 16.00.50“Connected car” was the buzz phrase at CES and the Consumer Telematics Show as well.

There were so many announcements related to the field in Las Vegas that it’s a little dizzying trying to track it all.

Carmakers like Chrysler talked about enhancements to its UConnect system while Ford touted its newspaper reader via the Kaliki Audio Newsstand.

Pandora, Aha, iHeart Radio, among others announced its deals.

Hopefully you caught our blog post that ran on the CES blog during the show: Can Connected Cars Change the World?

You can also get the overview from the recent shows here from Extreme Tech and Tech Crunch.

Credit: Garmin

Credit: Garmin

Garmin has a lot more planned than making personal nav devices — and they’re even going beyond OE infotainment systems.

They introduced a new platform at CES. K2 promises to be more than a mere navigation add-on.

It will feature a 10-inch touchscreen that will function like a large smartphone with online connectivity.

Another larger screen though will serve as the car’s instrument cluster.

With Bluetooth, drivers would be able to connect their phones and have the system deal with calls and messages. Voice command will make it safe for people to access features and data while driving.

The system may offer even more when it actually goes into a production car. As of now it is not slated for any vehicle.

Read more about the “dashboard of the near future” from CNET here.

The iPhone 5.Credit: Wikipedia.

The iPhone 5.
Credit: Wikipedia.

Apple continues to sell a ton of iPhones but they fell short of some analysts’ expectations for the holiday season.

So some people are anxious to see what new features the company will offer in the next generation of its smartphone.

By now you may have heard that there may be a fingerprint scanner built into the home button. Not only could this serve to provide better security for the device itself, it could lead to other functions.

Watch the video below for the discussion.

And in the intro they also make mention of a plastic Nano version of the phone as well.

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