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The Dodge Avenger
Credit: Wikipedia.

Here’s a story for those of you that are superstitious.

But then again, if you are, this may be exactly the type of story you want to avoid reading. Scared? Well maybe you should be: “Bad luck” on the road sure isn’t anything that we want to contemplate.

CNBC actually compiled a list of “bad luck” cars based on info from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. You can read their report here:

Smaller vehicles tend to dominate the list as you might expect but there are some solid reasons for that other than size.

We were surprised that the Dodge Avenger was there in 8th place. Perhaps that’s because of its class-leading 283 horsepower V6 engine.

Apparently a lot of drivers can’t handle a little power!

Check out full coverage of this “bad luck” story from and Yahoo here:

10 Bad Luck Cars

Here’s a not so pleasant one.

A CCTV camera caught a car crushing a teenage girl up against the door of a convenience store.

In a horrible case of apparent mistaken identity, the girl’s friends all climb out of a car outside the store and gather around another vehicle that’s also parked outside, right by the door. One male passenger from the same car climbs out and immediately opens up the trunk, and pulls out a baseball bat.

As the group gathers around the car (apparently under a completely incorrect assumption of who’s inside) the male passenger starts to completely tee off on the vehicle — shattering windows and sending glass flying.

The assaulted vehicle then panics and drives into the girl, pinning her to the wall of the store.

This video is not for the faint of heart!

Please remember, keep safe on the roads and keep your wits about you.

Watch the full video below here:

Wow … maybe it’s time to start taking the subway.

Following up on our goofy video Friday, we couldn’t resist bringing you this little doozy as we head into the shortened July 4 week.

A recent viral video posted to YouTube in mid-June shows one poor woman getting into three accidents in less than 50 feet and less than 3 minutes — none of them, keep in mind, involving any other drivers!

Ugh, sometimes it’s just not your day.

(Time to call up the Viper Motor Club!)