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On the less serious side of auto news, here’s a vid of a Ford Mustang Cobra Jet doing a wheelie before crashing into the wall at a Maryland drag meet.

Considering this car has a 690-hp engine that costs $93,000, well, that’s a costly drag run.

Furthermore, there were only 50 of the purpose-built, limited-edition drag racers made by Ford this year. So the crash is even more crushing, if you will.

We’re afraid no security system could’ve saved this driver from a meeting with the wall.

Think this one is kind of a “meh” story? Well, it’s already gotten over 800,000 hits on YouTube!

A video captured from inside the Cobra Jet shows the driver jerking the wheel while still in the air — a mistake that increased the chances the vehicle would drift in the wrong direction when it came back down to the ground.

Read the full story from Yahoo here or check out the full video of the $93,000 Cobra Jet crash below:

You learn it after working in the news business for too long: If it bleeds, it leads.

It’s nasty — but video like this intense head-on crash sequence below, hits, and hits well.

This video of a completely INSANE runaway driver flying down the wrong side of the road went viral this month, netting well over a million hits on YouTube and just a few weeks.

The video shows the dashcam of a police car chasing after the suspect. The suspect screams down the wrong side of the highway, weaving in and out of the traffic headed straight at him — until it all catches up to him.

Eventually the driver smashes headlong into one of the oncoming cars, sending what remains of his car careening into the ditch and the wreckage of the other car flying in the opposite direction.

The cop car whirls around to position itself near the perp’s car, the victim’s of the chilling wreck and all of the wreckage that’s strewn everywhere.

This one’s not for the faint of heart.

Please, when your out on the roadways, keep careful watch out for dangerous individuals like these who have absolutely no regard for your life.

Watch the full intense crash footage below:


Did you see this killer crash at the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race over the weekend?

Time to catch you up and point you to the breathtaking YouTube footage, Viper fans.

British racer Anthony Davidson tried to maneuver his Toyota TS030 LMP1 past rival driver Piergiuseppe Perrazini’s Ferrari 458 Italia just before the race’s five-hour mark.

Davidson’s car hit the Ferrari, and the stunning video footage shows his Toyota flipping through the air and smashing into a tire barrier.

Perrazini’s Ferrari also quickly crashes several feet away.

Read more about the thrilling wreck at or watch the crazy video below: