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The Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4 — nice and pricey.
Credit: Wikipedia.

We suppose some people wouldn’t mind spending a small fortune for a factory option, especially when they can afford an even greater fortune for the car itself, but $50,000 for brakes?

OK, it’s for the R35 Spec-V, but still, that’s a lot of loot.

By comparison the $6,300 for the Bang & Olufsen speakers on the Audi seem really cheap. Likewise for the $2,900 leather door sills on the Panamera.

You have to have that on the Porsche, don’t you?

But none of this, or the rest of the items on Jalopnik’s list approach the breathtaking cost for a carbon finish on a Bugatti Veyron: $300,000.

Eh, but then again, it’s only slightly over 10 percent of the vehicle’s MSRP.

We say nevermind these ridiculous factory options!

Get an aftermarket one that is absolutely essential. Give your car a few IQ points by adding SmartStart.

Seriously. And it won’t shrink your wallet either.

Aaaaaand, if you missed the link above, make sure to check out the full post on ridiculously expensive factory car options here.

The 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing Coupe, similar to one shown at Pebble Beach.
Credit: Wikipedia.

Anyone who was fortunate enough to attend the car show and auction held at Pebble Beach was not only able to admire all the cars, but could potentially own one of them!

It’s only at Pebble Beach where you would find so many Bugattis sitting side by side. Plus a throng of Ferraris, Porsches and various vintage cars.

Personally, our favorite may be the classic Mercedes Gullwing. But then again, in a collection of rides like this, we probably have more than a few that we favor. I mean, check out the photo gallery!

An event of this magnitude inspires the best and worst aspects of our car enthusiast personalities. We’re filled with equals amounts of admiration … and envy.

What cars will be at the next event?? The race is on!

Check out a massive spread of photos from Pebble Beach 2012 from below here:

2012 Pebble Beach Weekend Picture Gallery

A 1957 Mercedes 300SL, similar to one saved by the business owner.
Credit: Wikipedia

This story is one to make a car lover keel over.

A massive mill fire in Charlton, Mass., last week destroyed 17 classic cars — a whopping $2 million in rare vehicles. The five-alarm fire actually ravaged six businesses including Werke Classic Coach, which housed the vintage cars.

OK, take a deep breath.

Werke Classic Coach owner Gary Cove told the Boston Globe that the 17 classic cars he lost on that dreadful night included:

  • a $750,000 Mercedes
  • several Porsche 356s and 911s
  • two Jaguar E-Types aaaaaaand
  • a 1933 Rolls Royce

Before you fall over weeping with grief, the businessman DID save several classic vehicles including: an Alfa Romeo Giulia SS worth $165,00; an $800,000 1957 Mercedes 300SL; a $700,000 1964 Shelby Cobra.

Cove has owned Werke Classic Coach for 38 years, 22 of which were spent at Old Woolen Mill, making him the mill’s longest running tenant.

Did an Illegal Chop Shop Cause the Blaze?

The web site has learned some exclusive details about the blaze.

A friend of Cove, Nick Schiappa, told the site that several tenants in the complex repeatedly reported to local officials that immigrants from Ghana had been operating an illegal chop shop there.

Schiappa told Jalopnik that Cove “and his dad and a couple of other people in the complex made numerous calls to the Fire Department because these dudes from Ghana were cutting gas tanks out with torches.”

As if that report wasn’t bad enough, Cove also said that he actually would have saved more of the cars if the town of Charlton had more fire hydrants.

If you can still stomach it, check out the before and after photo of two of the Porches that Jalopnik got their hands on.

This sick 1986 Porsche 928S has one of our Viper 500HF alarms installed, a 551T remote start, and 530T window control modules. Also, two 513T mini piezo sirens (pain generators).

Check out this new video demonstrates the owner’s ability to snap the luxury car’s windows open and shut at the touch of a button … awesome right?

Just a flick of the wrist and the windows roll up! Watch it now and let us know what you think 🙂