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Credit: Garmin

Credit: Garmin

Garmin has a lot more planned than making personal nav devices — and they’re even going beyond OE infotainment systems.

They introduced a new platform at CES. K2 promises to be more than a mere navigation add-on.

It will feature a 10-inch touchscreen that will function like a large smartphone with online connectivity.

Another larger screen though will serve as the car’s instrument cluster.

With Bluetooth, drivers would be able to connect their phones and have the system deal with calls and messages. Voice command will make it safe for people to access features and data while driving.

The system may offer even more when it actually goes into a production car. As of now it is not slated for any vehicle.

Read more about the “dashboard of the near future” from CNET here.

The iPhone 5.Credit: Wikipedia.

The iPhone 5.
Credit: Wikipedia.

Apple continues to sell a ton of iPhones but they fell short of some analysts’ expectations for the holiday season.

So some people are anxious to see what new features the company will offer in the next generation of its smartphone.

By now you may have heard that there may be a fingerprint scanner built into the home button. Not only could this serve to provide better security for the device itself, it could lead to other functions.

Watch the video below for the discussion.

And in the intro they also make mention of a plastic Nano version of the phone as well.

Read more about the apparently upcoming fancy fingerprint phone from The Huffington Post here.


SmartStartFeaturesSmartStartGPSCars incorporating smartphone technology into their infotainment systems are getting to be de rigueur.

It’s turning into a race to see who can be the fastest to turn an automobile into a phone on wheels.

GM recently announced that it would be integrating its MyLink system with Apple’s Siri.

(Gee, that sounds familiar — who was the first one to let you start your car with Siri, again? Make sure to check out that video again really fast, c’mon, you know that you want to …)

Perhaps that’s a faster way to get hands-free for automakers. Look for it in 2013 Spark and Sonic models.

What you’ll be able to do with voice commands in those vehicles should be impressive.

That is, as long as Siri cooperates …

What over connected car features and hot voice command controls can you think of for the cars of tomorrow? Feel free to sound off and let us know your thoughts and ideas in the comments section on this post.

Read the full story from AutoNet here.

According to research firm Gartner, 35 percent of the 1.9 billion phones sold this year will be smartphones.

About half of the consumers in the U.S. have one already. (You can read that report from Reuters here:

So it’s no wonder that the 12-volt industry is optimistic about the growth for the remote start via smartphone market. Our own VP of Product Planning James Turner joined other executives in the consensus view.

Discussing the growth of Viper SmartStart, Turner said: “We do believe it’s going to be the fastest-growing category we have.”

About 350,000 remote start kits are sold in the aftermarket each year and experts agree that smartphone remote start systems will reach a high of 10 percent of that market this year — at least! And given the rising sales of smartphones in general, that number should continue to climb in the near future.

So, get out of the way, skeptics!!!! And get on board with the cloud-connected car!

(And psssssssssst, by the way, why not get on board with Viper, who innovated and brought you the first-ever smartphone app that could start your car — and has delivered the most new features for customers ever since? Sounds pretty good to us!)

Any new Viper SmartStart features that you’d like to see, let us know in comments!

Read a full report on the growth of smartphone remote starters from CE Outlook below here:

Remote Start From Phones to Hit 10 Percent of Sales


The microwave use to be the main culprit in the radiation scare, but now our almighty cell phones have become the new poster child for radiation as we gladly put them directly next to our brains so we can make business calls, and catch up with loved ones.

Luckily, a company by the name of Pong has put a new anti-radiation case on the market to block those wavelengths from your brain. Each case is custom made for the phone it fits and claims to redirect EMR away from the user’s head and body. This technology has been confirmed by the Federal Trade Commission.

And if you need a good scare to convince you, did you know between 48% and 68% of the phone’s radiated power is absorbed directly into the user’s head … and body.

That statistic has bad news written all over it!

I’m sure all of you would prefer to live dangerously and continue to sport your beloved Star Wars, and Hello Kitty cases. But check out this video and see what this case is made of:

iPhone Anti-Radiation Case by Pong Radiation